Monday, December 13, 2021

What Are You Reading?

What are you reading these days?

5 stars. Earlier in the month I finished listening to Erika Krouse's memoir/suspense, Tell Me Everything. The story is intriguing on many levels. The author's personal history of sexual assault tangles up with the crimes she has been hired to investigate. I loved the part about her talent as a 'listener' and her ability to discern meaning from a character's slightest inflections/gestures. The story itself, of the worship given to college football players is disturbing and fascinating. I highly recommend the book. I listened to the audible version and loved it. 

4.0 stars. Yesterday, I finished Claire Lombardo's novel, The Most Fun We Ever Had. It's an easy read, a story of a happily married couple and their four daughters all of which have competing personalities and their own private gripes, history, etc. I liked the book a lot. The one negative was the continual lovey dovey parents who, although they have one rough patch in the book, the author piled it on a little too deep for me.

5.0 stars John by Cynthia Lennon, a biography of John Lennon's time with his first wife Cynthia. After watching the Beatles series on Disney Plus titled "Let it Be", my interest in the Beatles was reignited. The audible book was approved by Julian Lennon, their son, in a Forward. I found it well written, and enjoyed learning the backstory for this superstar's early days as a Beatle (before Yoko Ono). For anyone interested in John Lennon, I highly recommend it. 

 4.5 stars I finished Crossroads and discovered a thirty-five minute narrator-author interview at the end. The quality of the reader's delivery is appealing, well paced and for the most part, as the author intended. Each character has their own story except for the youngest boy. I discovered by way of the interview that a sequel is in process which takes place twenty-five years later. That young boy will be a main character in the sequel. Franzen gets into the minds of his characters. The brilliant Perry with misfit issues then substance abuse (imbibing in the vodka punch at a neighbor's party) the eldest, Clem and his self discovery and fall from grace, Becky the beautiful and her morphing into an adult, Marian the mother with skeletons in her closet, and Russ, the minister/husband/father/philanderer. The story kept me interested and occupied during my daily walks.  


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