Sunday, May 29, 2022

Memoir, I Need to Tell You is here! Order wherever books are sold. If you like the book, please take a moment to leave a comment on Amazon or Goodreads.


My copy arrived! I am amazed and dismayed - did I really do this? Hell, yeah

 I began studying the craft of storytelling in 2015 and wrote everyday till I had a completed manuscript. Some days I felt turned inside out from the sharp memories that emerged. At first I used a pseudonym- no way could I put my name on this story. There’s a lot of embarrassing stuff in my history.

I learned:
#1, a memoir without your true name may as well be fiction.
#2, cut deep until your blood gushes out. The writing must be that honest! I’m not so different from most women in America. We all have a story. And this is mine. #grateful

Thursday, May 12, 2022



Wednesday, May 11, 2022

MAY 12

It’s Never Too Late

My work as a nurse specialist is in the rear view mirror and I'm honored to have had that career. But now I have this one as an author. Some people might think that your later years mean sitting in a rocker with a cat or a grandchild on your lap. Not for me. There is so much left to do. I had some false starts after retirement. Such as... I bought a new cello. I knew nothing about music except that I love strings. Turns out, practicing an hour a day wasn't as doable as I thought. My elbow pained after fifteen minutes. My husband left the house when I practiced. But I still love the instrument and tune it when the weather changes. 

Then, I decided I wanted to tell my story that I'd kept secret most of my life. So, I took writing classes and found my niche with fellow writers. Writing is much more challenging than I imagined. If you're interested in learning to write, send me an email. I'd love to talk to you about it.